100% of our Stallion proceeds will go back to the CCRCHA in the form of added monies, prize purchases or our youth membership program. Thank you to the generous owners of these great Stallions for the opportunity to purchase these breedings through our organization.

MARE OWNERS: Please keep in mind that the bid price covers the breeding fee ONLY (and will be quoted and payable in AMERICAN (USD) funds). You will be responsible for all additional fees (chute fee, shipped semen, etc) to the stallion owner/breeding facility. Please contact the breeder for information on these fees prior to bidding. Thank you!

STALLION OWNERS: If you would like donate a breeding, or if you would like more information on this program, please contact us!

In order to further accomodate bidders, the decision has been made to "stagger" our closing times in groups of 3, all in 15 minute increments starting at 7pm PST and ending at 8pm PST on FEBRUARY 2nd, 2020. This will help our mare owners optimize their purchasing power if they are considering multiple stallions and don't win their first pick. Each group is identified below, and the end times are attached to each listing. Good luck to all!

7:00 PM PST
— 19:00:00 —
7:15 PM PST
— 19:15:00 —
7:30 PM PST
— 19:30:00 —
7:45 PM PST
— 19:45:00 —
8:00 PM PST
— 20:00:00 —
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Please read the terms and conditions below carefully prior to bidding. The following is not intended to discourage anyone from participating, but to ensure a safe and fun bidding process for everyone involved.

The CCRCHA's 2020 Stallion Auction opens January 15, 2020 and ends February 2nd, 2020 at 8PM PST (note the staggered auction end-times, beginning at 7:00 PM PST).

REGISTERING IS EASY, all you need is to provide your name, an active email address and phone number and to choose a password. You will be sent a confirmation email (to the email you provide, check your spam folders if you don't see it within a few minutes) with a confirmation code, once you've clicked on that link, you'll see a "confirmed" page and you are registered and ready to log in.

PRIVACY: your name is not posted with your bid -- only you know which items you have bid on -- others only see the higest bid and number of bids to date. You can keep track of the status of your bids via the MY BIDS.

Any breeding purchased in this sale is intended for the 2020 breeding season and is nontransferable unless otherwise decided by the stallion owner.

The mare owner or bidder acting on behalf of the mare owner is responsible for any research that pertains to the stallion of their interest. The CCRCHA is not liable for any genetic or health concerns in relation to the stallion or the prospective mare.

CCRCHA is not responsible for genetic health concerns or semen shipment issues or deficiencies.

The winning bidder agrees to discuss any matters associated with their breeding with the stallion owner or acting agent. The CCRCHA is not responsible for resolving any conflicts or problems that may arise between any or all parties involved.

The mare owner or bidder acting on behalf of the mare owner is aware that the winning bid only covers the breeding fee.

The winning bidder will be responsible to pay for any fees in addition to their winning bid, which may include but are not limited to: chute fees, shipping fees, mare care fees, goods and services tax, etc.

All bids for the stallion service ONLY (not including chute or booking fee) will be quoted and payable in AMERICAN (USD) funds.

Bidding will be done in increments of $100. (When bidding, do not add commas or cents)

Stallion services will have a starting bid of 50% of their original stud fee unless otherwise determined by the stallion owner or acting agent.

All participants must be of the age of majority.

Winning bidders will have 24 hours to make payment in full by e-transfer or credit card, or secure with a credit card until a check for the full amount is received. Only once payment is received in full, will the name of the winning bidder be released to the stallion owner or acting agent.

All participants acknowledge that any winning bid is nonrefundable and they are responsible for payment.

Winning bidder fully understands all fees outside of the stud fee, including but not limited to chute fees, shipping fees, mare care, veterinarian care and more ARE NOT INCLUDED in the winning bid and will be paid to the stallion management/owner and these prices vary by stallion. These other fees vary in price and currency by stallion.

Payment can be arranged with Katie Wilson by phone or email 604-300-3545 or

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please get in touch with us via email at, or call Katie at 604-300-3545